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Renewable energy is a huge part of what we do at Zasco Electrical. Since January 2011 we have installed over 7000 solar systems for domestic and commercial applications.

With government rebates still in place and Feed-in Tariffs with your electricity retailer it’s a great time to invest in a solar system and set yourself up for the future.

All solar installations are carried out by our in-house teams, and every one of our electricians is Clean Energy Council accredited for design and installation of solar PV systems.

At the time of installation we can also set up monitoring & show you the best way to consume your power and make the most of your investment.


Our domestic solar systems range from 1kW to right up to 10kW.

We have affordable solar packages available to achieve the best value for money.

We have access to a large range of solar panels and inverters – please ask us for a customised quote today.

We can also customise a system to suit your energy requirements, these can include;

  • Dual Trackers – Inverters with 2 MPPT inputs to maximize efficiency and accept power from 2 separate arrays.
  • Tilt Frames – Designed for use on flat roofs to bring the array up to the optimum pitch to increase energy yield.
  • Micro-Inverters and Optimisers – Each panel has an inverter. Used where shading and/or different roof pitches can cause efficiency issues.


We also offer upgrades and maintenance to existing systems.

We can add panels to your current solar system and take the inverter up to its maximum capacity, please contact us for pricing.


Do you run a commercial or industrial business that consumes power during the daylight hours?

Electricity prices have increased over the last few years, resulting in increased operational expenses for business. On the other hand, the cost of installing a Grid-connected solar system has declined, making solar an increasingly affordable option for businesses to offset their electricity consumption.

Although some systems may require a large up-front capital cost, payback periods are typically around 5 to 7 years and sometimes as low as 3 years.

We are offering a free energy audit/consultation for any business interested in a commercial PV system.  This will include; Annual yield, estimated payback time (R.O.I.), CO2 emissions saved and other methods to reduce your electricity bill such as LED lighting for offices or Induction Highbays for workshops etc.

Finance can be arranged with the larger systems, making them cashflow-positive from the date of installation.

New build? Zasco Electrical can help you achieve a 6-star energy rating
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